It's time to get strong, tone up and feel confident in a body you love without extreme workouts!




Included in your membership:


These workouts are designed to help you build muscle, lose body fat and become your strongest, most confident self.



Tips and helpful advice for improving your nutrition, mindset and workouts so you are never feeling lost or confused.


In-app food tracking, plus the ability to sync up your activity watch and improve your overall lifestyle.


Gain access to a supportive & encouraging fitness community who will cheer you on through your journey!


The Get Strong workouts take around 45-60 minutes; The Get Fit workouts take around 45 minutes

Barbell and plates, squat/bench rack (+bench), pull-up bar, dumbbells of various weights, kettlebell, box, resistance bands and a set of booty bands (linked on my Shop Page).

Dumbbells of various weights, kettlebell, bench and/or box, resistance bands and a set of booty bands (linked on my Shop Page). Other helpful equipment, but not necessary: slam ball and jump rope.

Both programs follow a 4-5 week progressive overload format that includes the same/similar exercises each week to help you increase strength, muscle and improve form for better results.

Absolutely! Each workout has the exercises linked to a demonstration video, so you always know exactly what to do, whether you are at home or in the gym. 

Nope!! You can pick and choose which workouts you do, based on your schedule. However, I do recommend a minimum of 3 lifting days/week for best results.

Yes! You can easily track your food through the app or connect it to MyFitnessPal or FitBit tracking.

Absolutely! The Halflete Fitness app connects with Apple, FitBit and Garmin watches, as well as the Apple Health app.

Membership is $49/month or $490/year (gets you 2-months free!). Once enrolled, your membership price will never change even if the program price increases.

"Halflete Fitness is the absolute best! Because of Lindsey, I have been able to lose weight and learn what works to help me achieve my goals. She has also helped me learn all the proper lifting techniques, as well as making me so much stronger. I am so thankful for Halflete and Lindsey!"

Kim C.

Brenda C.

“The biggest thing I have noticed is that I have more energy. Before I would only do a couple things on the weekend and be tired the rest of the day. Now I can accomplish all the things I need to do!”

Jessica B.

“Over the past year of working with Lindsey, I feel stronger and more toned, have improved my family’s nutritional knowledge and it’s given me more confidence. I’ve gained so much mental and physical strength, as well as losing weight. Appreciate all of Lindsey’s knowledge and coaching on this health/fitness adventure!”

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