How to Get Started with a Fitness Routine

It’s really easy to say “I want to get in shape” or “I want to start working out”, but following through is the hardest part!

  • What clothes do I wear?
  • What shoes are best?
  • What workout program do I follow?
  • What do I eat before or after I work out?

And there are probably a hundred more questions you have, preventing you from getting started.

So let’s simplify a few things:

1. Don’t worry about the clothes, shoes, food, etc. You’ll figure those things out as you go. Just focus on getting started with your day 1 and moving forward! Small steps. 😉

2. Choose a workout program that’s based on your level of fitness. If you’re a beginner, don’t jump straight into cross fit workouts that are way more advanced than what you are ready for. Focus on where you are right now and just start there.

3. Set some small goals for yourself. If you’re feeling super motivated, it’s easy to say you are going to work out 6 days this week. Butttt unfortunately that motivation won’t last. Start with a goal of 2-3 days/week for the next month, then add in another day as you get into a routine.

4. Start planning ahead. Write down the 2-3 days you are going to train each week in your calendar, just like you would with an appointment or meeting. Make that commitment to yourself that you WILL show up on those days.

5. Find an accountability partner to help keep you committed. This could be your spouse/partner, a friend or even a co-worker. Just make sure it’s someone who will be honest with you and hold you to your goals.

Don’t get hung up on the small details of getting started. Just go into it knowing things might feel messy and uncomfortable, but be proud of yourself for showing up!!

And if you need some help with finding a great workout, make sure to check out my program options!



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