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Join our community of strong women!

Our group workout classes (for women) are a great way to be part of an encouraging community, have others to support you, push you to do your very best and keep you motivated to show up for yourself each day.

All workouts are programmed to challenge you both physically and mentally, so that you can become your strongest and fittest self. Each workout lasts about 45 minutes and is focused on functional fitness, using barbell/dumbbell movements, body-weight exercises and incorporating both strength and conditioning. Workouts can be intense, but are scaled and modified to suit your needs at your current fitness level.

Join us today to become stronger, healthier, gain more confidence and be part of a like-minded group of amazing women!

Class Times:








6:30am (boxing)


Monthly Membership Fee:


$80/couple or family

Fit for Life!

These group classes are designed for both men AND women, ages 60 and older who are looking to improve their health and fitness lifestyles!

Each workout lasts about 45 minutes and is focused on functional fitness, gaining strength, improving balance and increasing overall mobility for a healthier life. We incorporate a variety of exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls and body weight movements.

Join us today to become stronger, live a healthier life and gain new friendships from a positive and encouraging community!!

Fit for Life:




Monthly Membership Fee:

$45/individual or $60/couple

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