Become the best version of yourself!

Whether you want to start lifting weights, work on improving your habits or need some accountability to get motivated again, there is a program just for you! We offer online workouts, nutrition coaching and in-person classes to help you in your journey to living a healthier life.

Redefine your life Coaching

Are you overwhelmed by nutrition, struggling with sticking to a plan, need to change your habits for the better or just have no idea where to even start in your journey?


With my individual coaching plans, I can help YOU finally achieve your goals to boost your confidence and become the BEST version of yourself!

Halflete Fitness Online Workouts

Looking for a great workout program to help you become stronger, fitter and feel more confident in your clothes? Whether you workout at home OR the gym, we have three different workout program to choose from! All programs are designed to help you build muscle, lose body fat and make great progress over time. Come join our community!

Group Workout Classes

Local to Holton, Kansas? Join in on our group workout classes for women! This is a great way to be part of an encouraging community, have others to support you, coaches to push you to do your very best and keep you motivated to show up for yourself each day. 

Our classes provide a combination of strength training, plus cardio/conditioning to help you become stronger, healthier, gain more confidence and have fun with your friends the entire workout!

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